Count Files In Terminal

You can use `ls | wc -l` to get a count of items in a directory from the command line.

July 2, 2019

Zach Galifianakis concentrates very hard while math formulas float around his head.

I was curious how many images I’ve managed to collect on my gifs site, so I ran a search on how to count the number of files in a directory. The result—unsurprisingly on the Unix Stack Exchance—was very simple: ls | wc -l. You take the results of ls (to list the directory contents) and pipe them to wc (which gives line, word, and byte counts for whatever data is provided) with the -l parameter (which returns only the number of new lines). I’d never used the wc command before so that’s a new tool in my belt. Handy!

The number of gifs, by the way? 921, as of this post.

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