Link Shortener With Netlify

You can create a super simple link shortener with a single _redirects file and Netlify.

August 3, 2019

A while back, I updated PHP on my servers so I could update to a newer version of Craft CMS. At the time, this caused a few small hiccups on most of my sites hosted on that server, but nothing that I couldn’t resolve in a weekend. Except for one site — a link shortener built on an ancient PHP app that hadn’t been updated in forever.

It’s been on my to-do list to replace that particular tool for a few months when I discovered Kent C. Dodds video on how to create a simple link shortener using Netlify.

Netlify has been on my radar to check out for a few months now so this seemed like the perfect simple project to fix a problem and try out a new tool at the same time. Even better news? It worked perfectly with just 15 minutes of work.

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