Snagajob Mobile

Prototyping and testing a better mobile job search and application experience

About this project

I designed and developed a prototype for the Snagajob mobile job seeker website. I focused on simplifying the process of searching and applying for a job through the phone. I designed and built the prototype in full HTML so it could be tested on any mobile device. I used a sprinkling of basic PHP and Javascript to mimic some basic functionality like session data and search filters. After a couple weeks of development, we had enough of a prototype to test with actual users. I then helped to create test protocols and coordinated a user testing booth at VCU.

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Skills used
  • User experience design
  • Front end development
  • User research
  • Information architecture
Finding Your Next Job

Hourly job seekers often start their job search in a specific location. Users could start from a specific location or target by current geolocation. They could then further filter results by industry, company, and type of work.

The process

With the first version of the prototype ready for testing, I set up several different short links using bitly so that we could easily direct users to specific scenarios on their own phone. To get a lot of testing done quickly, I helped to orchestrate a small table in the VCU student center. Over the course of a day, with two groups (each consisting of a designer and product manager) running separate tests, we tested the prototype with about 25 students in 4 different scenarios. At the end of the day, we reconvened and discussed major findings.

I took those findings and made adjustments to the flow and design of the prototype to improve on areas of friction. We then scheduled another round of testing at the VCU student center and reran tests with the updated prototype.

The results

By the end of our second test session, students were excited about the prototype and wanted to know when it would be available to help them look for jobs. They could easily see themselves searching for and applying to jobs using the design in the prototype. The HTML and CSS running the prototype were polished enough that they could be used as a starting point for developing a production ready system. Many of the ideas and designs we created and validated in the prototype were implemented and improved upon in the mobile website.