Briefly, lately

Based in Richmond, VA, I recently started working at a new gig designing interfaces for a national retailer’s ecommerce and point-of-sale systems. Since I’m new there, I’m learning the business and getting to know the brand and style while trying to move things in the right direction.


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I write about user experience, front end development, and product design at UXcellence.

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I’ve started helping out as a volunteer editor with A List Apart. It feels good to give back to something that’s been so important to my career.


I’m trying to teach my son to be a curious and compassionate human being sharing this fragile world with other human beings, improving our family and home in a myriad little ways, and enjoying the remaining free time with family and friends.

Inspired by my wife, I began a daily practice of sketching and illustrating. I'm currently taking a break to spend time on some other projects, but I hope to continue this again soon.


Inspired by Derek Sivers. Think I’m not keeping this up to date regularly enough? Let me know.