Happy Holidays From Our Family!

A quick recap of our year and a new tradition we’ve started

December 24, 2016


The front of our annual Christmas card this year had our usual pose in front of the Christmas tree..

2016 Year in Review

This was a year of learning and firsts. Not all of our firsts were fun, but we learned from them all. Liam had his:

  • first piano recital
  • first bout of pneumonia
  • first broken arm
  • first stitches (just a couple)
  • first trip to an aquarium
  • first time in a submarine
  • first LEGO convention
  • and his first day of kindergarten.

He learned a lot this year, from starting piano lessons, ninja classes at gym, and reading in kindergarten. He’s become obsessed with nature shows and reads everything he can. Kristen became an assistant manager with Bella Baby, finished her year-long Project 366 photo journey, and joined the PTA as spirit night coordinator. Stephen continued making websites, including one for the PTA.

Enjoy these tasty cookies!

We included a recipe card for these holiday lemon “snowflakes” that have quickly become one of my favorite cookies. They are the perfect combination of chewy and crispy with a tangy lemon tartness to make them amazing. You can print them at home on card stock (Avery has some nice 4x6 templates) or online. We used Vistaprint and were pretty happy with the results.

Download the recipe card