A Daily Challenge

I’m super proud of my wife for capturing creative inspiration every day for a year.

April 23, 2016

Today marks the last of 366 consecutive days (it was a leap year after all) that my wife has taken at least one photo and posted it online. I can’t begin to express how amazed and proud I am of her commitment to the task she started last April. She’s taken many incredibly beautiful photos over the course of the last year, and she’s managed to do it in spite of a busy life and a few crazy events. When our son had pneumonia, she still took a photo every day. She even got a photo on the day he broke his arm.

I recently finished reading Show Your Work by Austin Kleon, and one of the key takeaways for me was how important it is to show up consistently, stretch your creativity, and share it with others. She has done that in spades and set an example for me to strive for. I know she’s proud of what she accomplished, but I wanted to share how proud I am of her as well.

Here are just a handful of my favorite photos she’s taken from the past year: